Welcome to the Fort Collins Creator Hub!

We are a health club for your creativity

Fort Collins Creator Hub is a maker space in Fort Collins. A Maker Space is both a community of people and a physical location that contains tools and equipment you might not have access to at home. We offer classes that are open to the public as well as our members. Exciting things will be invented, made, tinkered with, painted, engineered, crafted, programmed, sewed, built, and more! Come and join us to create new things, learn skills at classes, meet interesting people, and teach your own classes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore our country to being a nation of makers. We encourage a culture of creative ownership. We want people to not just understand what is inside our “black box” appliances but to be able to learn, design and build new and better ideas.  We believe that we work best as part of a community of makers, builders, technologists and artists.

We have a shared space with equipment

We have a 1600 square foot shop, although we may have grown by the time you visit us. We are located next to YendraBuilt, off of Duff Drive. See our location and contact page for more details. See our current Inventory of tools, equipment and supplies – it’s always growing. Become a member, and you will get 24×7 access to our space and equipment.

We are a community

We are geeks, gearheads, hackers and crafters and more. In short we are makers. We love to create new things, share our successes (and occasional failures), and show others how to make, create, build and learn. We are tied into the larger maker movement and collaborate with other maker spaces both in Colorado, in the US, and world-wide.

We share our knowledge

We love to teach! We run many different kinds of classes – from CAD design and programming to soldering, welding and woodworking. Our classes are always open to the public – you don’t have to be a member of the Fort Collins Creator Hub to join us.

Going Further

If you want more information about the Fort Collins Creator Hub, explore our site and please join our mailing list. Our Contact page lists ways to reach out to us.