Co-Creator Memberships

We offer Co-Creator memberships. This is a membership that grants you exclusive use of a space within our larger space at the Creator Hub. Think of “co-working”, but applied to a maker space. You can do virtually anything you want with that space – perhaps put in a desk, make it a work area, keep specialized tools or store your projects. A Co-Creator membership includes a single individual membership.

This membership is perfect for:

  • Startups and small businesses that need access to the tools and equipment available at the Creator Hub while at the same time needing a private space reserved exclusively for them.
  • Artists and sculptors that need an industrial space due to the size or nature of their work – while, again, allowing access to the Creator Hub’s shared equipment.
  • Serious hobbyists that want to have space for their specialized projects and equipment.
  • Any maker that needs substantial in-space storage

We offer various plans that differ by area and minimum length of lease. The monthly rate is $2/sqft for a three-month lease and $1.75/sqft per month for a one-year lease.

Plan Area 3-month Lease per Month Yearly Lease per Month
Co-Creator-64 8′ x 8′ $128 $112
Co-Creator-80 8′ x 10′ $160 $140
Co-Creator-100 10′ x 10′ $200 $175

When you sign up for a Co-Creator membership, we will work with you to find the best location within the Creator Hub that meets your needs as well as fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the space. Co-Creator memberships can be combined with additional individual or corporate memberships to allow multiple people to use the Co-Creator spaces.

For more information and to apply for a Co-Creator membership, email us at