We offer several types of membership at the Creator Hub:

Personal Memberships

These are our most popular memberships. They give makers twenty-four access to our space and equipment. We offer several levels of personal memberships, from students to families to volunteers. For more information, see further down this page.

Co-Creator Memberships

These are like personal memberships but come with an allocated exclusive-use space. These are ideal for small businesses, startups, artists, and others that need private space along with access to the shared equipment and tools at the Creator Hub. For more information go here.

Corporate and Scholarship Memberships

We offer discounted memberships for businesses that would like to offer access to the Creator Hub to multiple employees, either for work for as employee benefit. We also offer scholarship memberships to organizations that would like to support multiple families that would not be able to afford access to our space. For more information go here.

Personal Memberships

Personal memberships are available at the following levels:

  • Student/Senior: for those in school or over 60 years of age.
  • Individual: for one person.
  • Family: for multiple people sharing a household.
  • Sponsor: similar to a Family membership, but with a larger amount to help support the space.

We offer substantial discounts for enrolling in our subscription plan and even more if you pre-pay for a year:

Level Basic Rate Monthly Subscription Year Pre-pay
Student/Senior $25 $22.50 $230
Individual $50 $45 $460
Family $75 $65 $700
Sponsor $100 $90 $975

You can use our online payment system to charge your credit card.

Membership Agreement

A copy of our Membership Agreement can be found here.

Membership Enrollment

Membership of Fort Collins Creator Hub gives you access to our space, tools, and equipment at any time you wish. The steps to obtain a membership are:

  1. Visit our space
  2. Sign our waiver and membership agreement,
  3. Pay your monthly membership dues
  4. Receive your RFID fob.

You can sign up as a member during our office hours or at most events on our calendar. To confirm if this is possible at a specific event, or if the timing of those events doesn’t work for you, email and we’ll see if we can work something out. Note that in the near future, we will require all new members to attend a short training session.

Docent (In-kind) Memberships

We offer a limited number of in-kind memberships to those who volunteer as a docent a minimum of four hours each week. These are regular individual memberships that are paid with sweat equity instead of cash. In order for those memberships to remain in good standing, those members are required to volunteer as a docent four hours per week. If you have questions about this program, or are interested in signing up for an in-kind membership, or just want to volunteer, send email to, or stop by during our open hours and talk to Susith, who is our volunteer coordinator.