Our mission is to restore our country to being a nation of makers. We encourage a culture of creative ownership. We want people to not just understand what is inside our “black box” appliances but to be able to learn, design and build new and better ideas.  We believe that we work best as part of a community of makers, builders, technologists and artists.

We Are A Non-Profit

Our 501(c)3 status was approved in mid-July 2015. Our Google drive folder contains the letter from the IRS. See our Contact page for a link.

Here are links to our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and IRS 501(c)3 letter.

Our Reason For Existence

Most people do not have the space or enough cash to buy expensive equipment required to start prototyping a product idea or to build projects that require specialized equipment. So, we built a non-profit organization that gives the members access to a shop full of the coolest tools – from laster cutters, to 3D Printers, to Machining Tools, to A full wood shop and craft shop. And, we offer educational classes to members and the public so anyone can learn how to use the tools we have available to make stuff that improves their lives.

100% Volunteer Operated

Without volunteer & member involvement, the Makerspace would cease to exist.

The space is 100% volunteer operated. There is no paid staff. Everything you see at FCCH has been done by the members. Without volunteer support, the space would cease to exist.

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