Big News

We have two exciting announcements to make! The first announcement is that we now have staffed business hours. Thanks to an Encore Fellowship grant from Intel, we have been able to pay a contractor to staff the space since mid-January. His name is Susith and his office hours at the space are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11AM to 3PM. Susith’s responsibilities include helping members with the space and equipment, giving tours and signing up new members. Please stop by and say “Hi” to Susith!


While having the space staffed 12 hours a week is great, we would like to offer much more. As  you know, we are a volunteer-run organization. We are fortunate that we received a grant for Susith, but it can’t pay for everything we want to do. This leads into our second announcement: we are looking for volunteers to staff the space to expand our current hours. And the big news: we will be offering a limited number of in-kind memberships to those who volunteer a minimum of four hours each week. These are regular individual memberships that are paid with sweat equity instead of cash. In order for those memberships to remain in good standing, those members are required to volunteer four hours per week. If you have questions about this program, or are interested in signing up for an in-kind membership, or just want to volunteer, send email to, or stop by during our open hours and talk to Susith, who is our volunteer coordinator.


Let’s build something great together!