Engraving glass with the LASER cutter!

Did you know that FCCH’s LASER engraver/cutter can also engrave glass?

We had a broken glass-covered picture frame at home, so I decided to try engraving a piece of the glass. It worked out better than I could imagine, with a very nice finish in the engraved area. I used ~6mA power (very low) and 300mm/s head speed (typical). Here’s the result:


I also tried cutting the glass. This didn’t work as well, since small pieces started splintering off all around the cutting line. After many passes, the cut was deep enough that I could flex the glass and the cut piece did pop out, with a crack across one corner and very jagged edges. Perhaps with some work or experimentation, we could find a way to make cutting work, or at least align some other glass cutting method?