Jim exposes his big Bass at two local events

DMMFsThe Big Banjo at the Mini Maker Fair in Denver


The Big Banjo at the STEAM2 Design Fair in Fort Collins

Not too long ago I put together this bass banjo. The drum head is from a 22 inch kick drum and the neck is from various pieces of wood that I had in “storage” in my basement. Of particular note are the strings on this bass; they are made from nylon weed whacker strings of various diameter similar to those sold by the Slap Happy Whackers for the Rockabilly crowd. I found a source for these strings for considerably less than what Slap Happy charges which is a good thing– the total cost in materials came to somewhere around $4.

I also put frets on the fingerboard just like a regular banjo might have. The fret wire came from the wire that was used to hold up political yard signs (I will have a considerable reserve of this material in the coming months) .

The bass tuners came from a Paul McCartney style bass guitar whose owner wanted me to convert to a 6-string guitar. I replaced the tuner mechanisms with guitar tuners and kept the bass tuners thinking I might use them someday. I believe I held on to these tuners since 1974!

One last thing: Tell your friends to look for Jim’s Big Bass at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Old-Time Music Festival at the Parish Ranch in Berthoud, Co. July 6 – 10, 2016.