New Website Features and Member Services

Here is some good news for our members (and members-to-be). We are in the process of transitioning to Wild Apricot membership software. Not only will this allow for more communication and self-management of your membership, it will automate many of the processes that our volunteers had to perform manually.

This will take a few days to roll out fully, but here are some of the things you will be able to do as a member of the Creator Hub right here on our website:

  • Update your contact information, manage your payments and indicate your expertise and interests.
  • See a directory of  members (and see who shares your interests).
  • Reserve time at some of our most popular pieces of equipment.
  • Sign up for events and classes.
  • Read and contribute to web forums. This is a great way to ask questions and contribute suggestions for the Creator Hub and more.
  • Post blog entries to the main website. This is a great way to share about the projects you have been working on.
  • See member-only notices about the Creator Hub

If you have questions or concerns about the new functionality, please contact us at