SawStop Crowdfunding Campaign is Live

Help us build a quality wood shop.

If you have ever done much wood working, you probably realize that a good shop revolves around a key piece of equipment – the table saw. Almost all wood projects start with cutting wood stock to the proper size. A quality table saw makes this job a fast, safe and accurate operation. The Fort Collins Creator Hub needs a quality saw in order to provide our members and students a safe and usable shop space.

We have a saw picked out – a SawStop 3 HP Professional Cabinet Saw. Not only is this saw one of the highest rated cabinet saws based on its performance, it is also one of the safest saws you can buy. All SawStop saws have a built-in safety feature that instantly stops the saw when the blade comes in contact with the person using the saw. For a shared workspace like the one the Creator Hub has, this safety feature, along with others, provides peace of mind.

Unfortunately, a quality cabinet saw isn’t cheap. We will need to spend $3000 to purchase our SawStop saw. In order to make this happen, we are running a crowd-funding campaign to raise the money. If we can raise 50% of the money for the saw, the Creator Hub will kick in the rest. We feel this leverage of our money is not only good financial stewardship but it creates a literal sense of ownership for our members, volunteers and benefactors.

Any amount of money you donate to our campaign is welcome! Please click on the link below.