Solicitation of Founders

Fort Collins Creator Hub is opening a Maker Space in Fort Collins.

A Maker Space is both a community of people and a physical location that contains tools and equipment you might not have access to at home. Exciting things will be invented, made, tinkered with, painted, engineered, crafted, programmed, sewed, built, and more! Come and join us to create new things, learn skills at classes, meet interesting people, and teach your own classes.

We have identified a location for the Creator Hub. As soon as we raise sufficient funds to cover our startup and early operating costs, we will sign the lease. Those costs are:

  • Rent for the physical location.
  • Insurance.
  • 501c3 filing fees.
  • Basic initial equipment purchases.
  • Minimum account balance to avoid fees, provide a prudent buffer, and cover any delays in banking early membership dues.

We are offering you the opportunity to contribute towards these costs, and ensure the quick and successful provision of our physical location. If you contribute at least $300 by the end of May 2015, we’ll bestow the title of Founder upon you, recognize your status at our location and on our website, and have our eternal gratitude. You’ll also have contributed significantly to making an awesome community resource a reality.

Contributions may be made by the following means:

  • Check payable to “Fort Collins Creator Hub”:
  • Handed to any Board Member in person.
    Email to arrange this,
    or attend one of our meetings.
  • Mailed to:Fort Collins Creator Hub
    PO Box 271094
    Fort Collins CO 80527

    You could use your online bill-pay to make this simple!
    Please also notify the board via email; address above.

  • Deposited in person at any FirstBank location; simply give them
    the name Fort Collins Creator Hub and they’ll make the deposit.
    See for locations.
    Please also notify the board via email; address above.
  • Paypal to

Once we move into the physical location, donations of tools, equipment, and furniture will also be gratefully accepted. Donations subject to pre-approval.

We thank you for your interest in the Creator Hub, and look forward to opening our doors to you.