Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships

We offer multi-member Corporate memberships. These allow multiple adults from a single business or non-profit organization access to the Creator Hub. Those people can use the space just like any other standard membership, with the caveat that there is a cap on the number of employees that can visit the Creator Hub each day. This can be an economical way for a business to gain access to our space and equipment. It is also an excellent way to provide an economical reward to employees.

Like all members of the Fort Collins Creator Hub, Corporate members are required to abide by all of the policies and procedures covered during our new member orientation and as described in our membership handbook. Specifically, the tools, equipment and space needs to remain available for all members to enjoy. There are weekly time limits placed on our equipment, and only small prototyping runs are allowed.

We offer several plans, based on the maximum number of spots reserved for adult employees from a business or organization. Note that all of the plans are monthly subscription or yearly pre-pay only.

Plan Reserved Memberships Daily Maximum Monthly Subscription cost Yearly Pre-pay cost
Corporate-3 3 2 $95 $1000
Corporate-5 5 3 $140 $1500
Corporate-10 10 4 $190 $2000
Corporate-25 25 9 $430 $4600
Corporate-50 50 15 $725 $7800

For more information and to apply for a Corporate membership, email us at