Welcome to the Woodshop

Drill Press, Band Saw, Router Table, Mortiser

Mandatory Course

Woodshop Part - C


We welcome all to the woodshop who would like to learn woodworking, increase their proficiency, and become familiar with our tooling. You do not need to be a master cabinetmaker to use our space and make something creative.  We have members of all skill levels and realize that not every member may want to learn how to use every piece of equipment that we have available. Our training program – for new, and existing members – is designed to give you a good solid foundation in the proper use of our machinery, proper safety practices, and basic techniques that will enable a person to produce good work safely and with confidence. Experienced woodworkers should also find our coursework of value as a refresher course for one’s memory of safety practices, proper techniques, and procedures. 

We are a community workshop that is open to all members who have been given authorization to use the various tooling available. It is the Board of Directors desire that you treat all the machinery with the same respect that you would show to your own tools. Because we are a community space it is often necessary to share time and tools with other members. We leave it up to you to figure it out between yourselves as how to accommodate each other’s needs.


“Safety is YOUR job # 1”.  It is every member’s priority to always at all times conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a safe environment for yourself, and everyone else who is in the shop. Safety sometimes requires working together – if you see something being done that you feel is an unsafe operation you can gently approach the subject with the member and discuss your concerns. It may turn out that your concerns are justified, or that you may not have a full grasp of a particular procedure and gain some knowledge in the process.  Please feel free to reach out to the Shop Boss, a Shop Assistant, or Docent with any concerns you may have. We have an excellent safety record to date, and every member is expected to do their part to keep our record intact.


Once you have complete this course, you may want to review the material periodically. You may either:

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