Volunteer Tour, Orientation and Training Availability Update

This page is for Docents, Shop Assistants and other volunteers.  Please update what days and times you are available for giving Tours, New Member Orientation and/or Training. You must have been authorized by an administrator for this to work.

Please keep your availability up to date. It will be used by the public and new members to schedule their tours, orientations and training with you. You will receive email when they book a session with you. If you get booked, but aren’t available it is up to you to find a replacement or negotiate a new time with that person.

All scheduled Tour/Orientations/Trainings:

View our Online training report to check a member’s training completion before providing service.

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Your availability schedule:

Use this to indicate when you are available for members to book a session with you.


Your days-off:

Use this to indicate what days you are not available to be booked by a member.


For convenience, here is the Docent Hours calendar:

Your scheduled Tours/Orientations/Trainings:

This calendar is only for information. Creating appointments here will prevent members from booking you.