Frequently Asked Questions

The Creator Hub is located in the north-west of Fort Collins, near the old airport. Our nearest cross-streets are Mulberry and Lemay.

The address is 1304 Duff Dr #11-15, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

Click the “Become A Member” button in the top-right of any page of our website, or go there directly.

As part of signing up as a member, you will create a new account on our back-end site, Use this same email/password to log into our main website (this one!)

If you have forgotten your password, simply click the login button on this website, which will take you to a Wild Apricot login form. There is a “forgot password” button on that form.


  • It is important that you use the same email address that you have on file with the Creator Hub. If your address has changed, please send us an email to
  • If you are also an admin for the WordPress site, you may run into difficulties if your email is the same for WordPress and Wild Apricot and you are logged into both with the same browser.

One thing you may run into is that there are now two interconnected websites. The first is this one, – our original website. The second is While most of the time you only need to deal with the former, occasionally you will be taken to the latter, most commonly when you log in. The former website is the only one you need to remember.

The nice thing about Wild Apricot is that it integrates so well with our original website. You will only have to worry about one password for both sites. If you find yourself on the Wild Apricot site, don’t panic. There is a navigation menu item labeled “Main Website” that will take you back to here. This all being said, unless you are an administrator, there is really no reason to leave this site. For the rest of this help document, I’m going to assume you are doing everything from this site.

If you are on a subscription plan (automatic payments):

Please visit your Wild Apricot profile page, and click “Stop Recurring Payments”.

If you are on a non-subscription plan (manually paid invoices):

Simply stop paying your invoices. Your account will be disabled once your currently paid term expires.

If you are on an annual plan, please contact to discuss any temporary suspension. These are not guaranteed, but may be possible under some circumstances.


There is no need to return your keyfob; keep it for when you come back:-)

Please visit your Wild Apricot profile page. Your account is still present in the system.

To restart a subscription plan, simply re-enter your credit card details to restart automatic payments.

To restart a non-subscription plan, simply pay the outstanding invoice.

Subscription plans are auto-paid each month.

Non-subscription plans may be paid via the Wild Apricot invoices page.

If you have a Family, Sponsor, or Corporate membership, you will run into the concept of “bundles”. A bundle is a group of members that are paid for with a single dues payment. One of the bundle memberships is designated the “bundle administrator”. The bundle administrator is responsible for making sure the dues are paid. The administrator is also responsible for adding members to the bundle. This is all accomplished from your profile page. Scroll down until you see the “Add member” button. Each separate user will need to take the usual online and in-person orientation and training; bundle members will receive their RFID during orientation as usual.

It is also possible to attach existing members to a bundle, but that can only be done by a Wild Apricot administrator (send email to for help).

Some level changes require administrator action. If the steps below do not work for you, please contact

  1. Go to the “Member Update” page by hovering your mouse over the “Members v” in the navigation bar and clicking on “Member Update”
  2. Scroll down a bit and you will see “Membership Level” and the highlighted word “Change”
  3. Click that “Change” link and it will allow you to adjust your membership level. Note that due limitations in our billing software, when you sign up for an annual membership you won’t get credit for any days left on the monthly dues you’ve already paid. Best to do this when you only have a few days before your renew date.

Note: If you want to change the credit card you have associated with a subscription plan (as opposed to updating the expiration date), it is best to delete your old card number before updating it with a new one

As a member, you now have access to a directory of other members. The Member Directory can be found here, and of course is available under the “Member’s Area” navigation menu item. The member directory works best if everyone updates their profile to indicate their interests and expertise.

To update your profile navigate to the Member Update page, click the “Edit profile” button and scroll down to the Interests and Expertise sections, mark your choices, then click “Save”. You can also control your privacy settings for the directory from this page (click the “Edit profile” button and then select the “Privacy” tab). 

You can now reserve time slots on our more popular pieces of equipment on our Equipment Reservation. To use this, fill out all the information under the “Reservation Request Form” section, then click the “Next” button. Select the day and then the time slot desired. This will take you to a confirmation page. The phone number is optional. Click “Next” and your reservation will be made.

This page will also show any reservations you have made (it may need to be refreshed if you just made the reservation). You can cancel a reservation by pressing the “Cancel” button next to your time slot.

At the bottom of the page is a set of calendars that show when each piece of equipment has been reserved by someone. On the upper right of the calendars is a triangle. Clicking that triangle will allow you to select exactly which equipment is shown on the calendar.

You can now read and post in web forums we provide. A summary of the most recent forum posts can be found here. You can get to it from the “Forum” item on the navigation menu. This page will show all of the forums which you have access to. Note that some of these forums are also visible to non-members.

To go to a specific forum, click on the forum name desired. If you wish to create a new forum discussion, click the “Create Topic” button. If you wish to read an existing topic, click the name of the topic. If you want to reply to that topic, click the “Reply” button. If you created the topic entry there will be buttons to edit and delete it. When you are visiting a forum, you may also subscribe to emails for that forum with the “Subscribe” button.

Please visit our Join Slack page.

Members are encouraged to access slack. All of the Hub’s real-time communications are made via Slack. Please check Slack before visiting the Hub to verify there aren’t any unexpected closures or equipment problems. Use Slack to ask questions, see answers to other member’s questions, and get general updates about FCCH.

Please visit our classes & events page.

All classes are available to non-members.

It’s here! Most of the content of this page is invisible unless you’re a docent.

Please visit our docents page. Note that for a purchase to be reimbursed, it MUST have been pre-approved, and covered by our current purchasing policy. Unapproved purchases cannot be reimbursed.

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