Woodshop online course for Maker Spaces free

Welcome to Woodshop: Level 1

In this course you will learn how to use the:

  • Saw Stop 3.0HP – Table saw
  • Enlon 8″ – Jointer
  • Dewalt 735x – Planer
  • Jet Preformax 16-32 – Drum sander
  • Dewalt – 12″ – Sliding miter saw
  • Laguna 1412 – Band saw 
  • Nova Voyager DVR – a Variable Frequency Drive Drill press 
  • A Dewalt Track Saw
  • An electric hand planer
  • The Festool mobile dust collector 
  • and the best orbital sander ever made by Festool 

There is a lot of content in this course. Our author, Donald Wood, is a retired professional furniture maker and plastic machinist. He has written and revised each training guide included at the beginning of every lesson. He has also chosen the video content for this course to match the machinery available at the Creator Hub. 

The training guides, available at the beginning of each course, highlight the information you will need to safely and properly use the machines. They should be considered required reading.

Beginners will find these training guides very helpful, but even if you are an expert, you will learn something from both the training guides and the vast amount of video lessons presented in this course. 

Laminated copies of each training guide can be found in a bookshelf at the woodshop. Please refer to these physical copies in the shop as you learn how to operate our machines. 

To be granted access to the equipment covered in this course you will need to:

  • Thoroughly read each training guide
  • Complete this online course
  • Pass each quiz located at the end of each lesson
  • Then schedule an in-person evaluation with our Shop Boss or a Shop Assistant

Most students complete this course in less than a week. Once you pass each quiz, you will be emailed a link where you can schedule a time for your in-person evaluation. At the evaluation, our Shop Boss or a Shop Assistant will show you how each machine is set up and operated. After that, you will be able to run your own cuts. If you demonstrate you can safely and proficiently use each machine, you will be granted access to them. 

Our goal is for you to be successful. We understand that in-person learning is the most effective, so our Shop Boss and Shop Assistants are happy to answer any questions you might have about operating the machines during the in-person evaluation.

Using the shop is a privilege. We want to be sure you are using the machines safely, properly, and respectfully.  This way, you can have the knowledge you need to be successful, and most of all: make something cool!