Three Simple Steps to Become A Member

You may purchase gift certificates for membership in our store.

1. Take A Tour

You may book an appointment to take a tour of our space. This is, of course, optional before becoming a member.

3. Attend

Our Orientation is now a combination of an online course and a short in-person meeting. It includes safety training and is required before you get access to the shop. You may take the online portion before or after you sign up for a membership. Please note that some of our equipment requires additional training.

Choose A Membership Type

In order to use our space outside of our classes, a membership is required.

Only those 18 years and older may become a member.

Student / Senior / Veteran

Discounted Membership
$ 27
Monthly with auto-pay
$30.25 with manual payment
  • Adult Students
  • Those over 60 years of age
  • Veterans


$ 55 Monthly with auto-pay
$60.50 with manual payment
  • For One Adult
  • Most Popular Type


$ 80 Monthly with auto-pay
$88 with manual payment
  • For Multiple Adults Sharing a Single Household
  • Unique Fobs For Each Family Member


$ 110 Monthly with auto-pay
$121 with manual payment
  • All Features of Family Membership
  • Support the Space With an Included Monthly Donation


Starts @ $ 116 Monthly with auto-pay
  • Allows Multiple Adults From A Single Business Access To the Space
  • 3-50 Reserved Memberships
  • 2-15 Daily Maximum Access
  • More Details Below


Shop Space
Starts @ $ 120 Monthly
  • Requires pre-approval. Contact us first.
  • Private Shop Space for Startups, Artists, and Makers
  • More Details Below

Take the Orientation

Once you sign up for a membership, please take our online orientation course. As part of the course you will be given instructions to complete your membership.

Get Subscription Discounts

Substantial discounts are available for enrolling in our subscription/auto-pay plan or pre-pay program.

Level Monthly Subscription
(manual payments)
Year Pre-pay
Student/Senior $27.50 $30.25 $302.50
Individual $55 $60.50 $605
Family $80 $88 $880
Sponsor $110 $121 $1210

Other Membership Types

We offer multi-member Corporate memberships. These allow multiple adults from a single business or non-profit organization access to the Creator Hub.

Those people can use the space just like any other standard membership, with the caveat that there is a cap on the number of employees that can visit the Creator Hub each day. This can be an economical way for a business to gain access to our space and equipment. It is also an excellent way to provide an economical reward to employees.

Like all members of the Fort Collins Creator Hub, Corporate members are required to abide by all of the policies and procedures covered during our new member orientation and as described in our membership handbook. Specifically, the tools, equipment and space needs to remain available for all members to enjoy. There are weekly time limits placed on our equipment, and only small prototyping runs are allowed.

We offer several plans, based on the maximum number of spots reserved for adult employees from a business or organization. Note that all of the plans are monthly subscription (auto-pay) or yearly pre-pay only.

PlanReserved MembershipsDaily MaximumMonthly Subscription costYearly Pre-pay cost

For more information and to apply for a Corporate membership, email us at

Note: this requires pre-approval. Please contact us first before signing up.

These are like personal memberships but come with an allocated exclusive-use space. This is a membership that grants adults exclusive use of a space within our larger space at the Creator Hub. Think of “co-working”, but applied to a maker space. Provided your activities are compatible with other users in that space (e.g. don’t generate noxious dust, fumes or noise), you can do many different things in that space – perhaps put in a desk, make it a work area, keep specialized tools or store your projects. A Co-Creator membership includes a single individual membership.

This membership is perfect for:

  • Startups and small businesses that need access to the tools and equipment available at the Creator Hub while at the same time needing a private space reserved exclusively for them.
  • Artists and sculptors that need an industrial space due to the size or nature of their work – while, again, allowing access to the Creator Hub’s shared equipment.
  • Serious hobbyists that want to have space for their specialized projects and equipment.
  • Any maker that needs substantial in-space storage
We ask that any Co-Creators become a part of our community in addition to renting space from us. We will want to know the following:
  • What tools and equipment in our shared space will you be using?
  • How many hours a week would you be using the shared space for commercial purposes?
  • What activities would you be doing in your Co-Creator space?
  • Would you be willing to volunteer at our space?
  • Are you OK with classes and other activities taking place in the same unit as the Co-Creator space?

We offer various plans that differ by area and minimum length of lease. The monthly rate is $2.50/sq.ft.

Plan.AreaMonthly Rate
Co-Creator-488′ x 6′$120
Co-Creator-648′ x 8′$160
Co-Creator-808′ x 10′$200
Co-Creator-10010′ x 10′$250

When you sign up for a Co-Creator membership, we will work with you to find the best location within the Creator Hub that meets your needs as well as fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the space. Co-Creator memberships can be combined with additional individual or corporate memberships to allow multiple people to use the Co-Creator spaces.

You must be an adult. For more information and to apply for a Co-Creator membership, email us at

We offer a limited number of in-kind memberships to adults who volunteer as a docent a minimum of four hours each week. These are regular individual memberships that are paid with sweat equity instead of cash. In order for those memberships to remain in good standing, those members are required to volunteer as a docent four hours per week. If you have questions about this program, or are interested in signing up for an in-kind membership, or just want to volunteer, send email to

Read Our Membership Manual

All members are expected to understand our guidelines and procedures found in our Membership Manual

Also, see our Membership Agreement.

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