Volunteer Positions

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You & Our Members

The Creator Hub is an all-volunteer organization. The Hub cannot exist without volunteer effort. We hope that every member will help the Hub in some way. Please consider how you can help. To get started, consider taking on a task from our volunteer task list. It was created to publicize small tasks that people can use to get started volunteering. Or, talk to a board member about how you can help.

Board of Directors

Please see our Board page.

Docents; Tours & Orientation

For general information, please contact info@fortcollinscreatorhub.org.

  • Slack: #general
  • Danice Chou
  • Brian Croak
  • Ike Mitchell
  • Stephen Warren
  • Wirt Wolff

Wood Shop

  • Slack: #wood-shop
  • Shop Boss: Jim Miller
  • Assistant: Casey Moore
  • Assistant: Chris Davis
  • Assistant: Florian Kluibenschaedl

LASER Cutters

  • Slack: #lasers
  • Shop Boss: Jim Zdunek
  • Backup Shop Boss: Derek Showers
  • K40 rotary help: Stephen Warren

3D Printing

  • Slack: #3d-printers
  • Shop Boss: Brian Kurotsuchi
  • Shop Boss: Danice

Metal Shop

  • Slack: #metal-shop
  • Shop Boss: Luko Krnan
  • Training: Ray Van
  • Training: Dave Taylor


  • Slack: #sewing
  • Shop Boss (for industrial sewing machine): Drew Weingart


  • Slack: #photography
  • Shop Boss: Ike Mitchell
  • Shop Boss: Anthony Terrazas

Vinyl Cutter, Vacuum Former

  • Slack: #crafting
  • Shop Boss: Jim Zdunek

Wood CNC

  • Slack: #cnc-router
  • Supervised usage: Luko Krnan
  • Supervised usage: Ray Van
  • Contact: Stephen Warren

Education Coordinator

  • Slack: #education
  • Jamie McLaughlin